Sunday, March 17, 2013

March~In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb...

Hidy Ho! We've been quite busy it seems.  David's been working on mudding the basement, and doing electrical for friends.  I've been having to run alot of errands after work lately, getting stuff, Doc appt's, my first ever chiropractor appt, (denist appt and another chiropractor appt this week!) etc...  Getting all the stuff for my Easter dinner and Easter egg hunt here at our house.  We had a sick little girl this past week.  She was up during the night vomiting.  She cries because it scares her.  So David stayed with her Thursday.  She seemed better, but when I got home from work she seemed to have a fever and the scoots.  The fever wasn't bad, she seemed ok, so she went to the sitter Friday.  She continued with belly troubles the rest of Friday, but other than being a little clingy and somewhat cranky she's better.  She's also cutting her bottom 2 yr molars, so a bit irritable to say the least!! 
She is so ready for Spring and to be outside!  She cries so hard and tries to put her coat back on to "I out"  she wants outside so badly! :(  She is still obsessed with shoes.  She bumped up to 6's, I recently bought her new dress shoes and sneakers and she plays and plays with them.  She sat on the couch the other night for 30 mins just playing with them, trying to put them on. She loves bath time.  We make extra Bob-buls (how she pronounces bubbles) to play with.  She's really trying to say so many new words too.  We ask her to try to say words and usually she tries to at least attempt to say them.  Like the neighbor's dog Rosco, she hollers at the window "Hi Raw-ro" I love her language! Hee, hee!  Or Grandma is Gee-Gee.  I could go on and on.  Some are so funny!! 
Well, that's about it for now!
 Eating grilled cheese, tomato soup and nuggets.
 What Mom?!
 Grandpa started with this, now Daddy does it to her. She can hold herself out for a long time! (she did not want her pic taken!)
A hat! She was saying...

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