Friday, March 29, 2013

Praying for a Donor

As you know my Mom's next step is a stem cell transplant.  Her 1 sister is a perfect match.  Since my Aunt told my Mom she was a match it's been like the white elephant in the room.  I wouldn't say they are the closest-relationship wise, sorta, but not really.  So my Aunt went with her somewhere last weekend and they finally talked about it.  She has alot of questions (which she needs to call Hershey)  and called another night with more questions.  She said her husband said it's up to her. And could they do it on a weekend because she can't take off work.  Amongst other questions....anyway. she has NOT said she is not going to do it, nor has she said she will.  She acts like she doesn't want to and we still don't know where she stands.  Mom called Hershey today and they asked if she's gonna do it and Mom said she didn't know. (Everyone at the hospital is shocked and dumbfounded that it's even a question! And they are gonna call her on Monday to see what she says and see if she will get the other testing started)) so in the meantime they are gonna look on the registry for a donor. 
She has to go Thursday for an appt with the Doctor and to have another bone marrow test done.  (This is very painful!)  And praying also theat it comes back still negative for Leukemia.  She hasn't had that done in a while. Just prayers all around. Pray for my Aunt to change her mind and have it done.  Pray my Mom's test goes smoothly and comes back negative.  Pray this continues to go ok and she can be HEALTHY and get on with her life.   Needing God's touch and strength in these coming days. Thanks! I will keep you posted!!

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