Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Primer and paint

Early morning sunshine!
Close up! Still off color!!
I took this in the chilly 22 degree morning! Brrr....
First thing, primer!!
Me, cutting in with primer.
Go me!
David again, rolling primer.
Later in the day, painting the ceilings with Alabaster white.
Dad S. cutting in for the ceilings.
Garage doors came today!! Looks nice!
We're getting there!!
We got started about 6:45am today. We finished the downstairs with the primer. Then Dad S. cut in the upstairs for David to paint the ceilings. David painted all the upstairs ceilings. Then Dad S. started to cut in downstairs and David painted the ceiling in the living room. We decided to call it a day there. We were all spent. We are all sore all over. I did alot of primer. I finished up myself downstairs so they could go upstairs and get started. I hurt. Everywhere, not just one place!! David's neck hurts from doing ceilings 2 days in a row. Dad S. also hurts all over. We are SORE!! Am I complaining?? Ha Ha!! It'll be worth it when we're done!!
Glick came today to install the garage doors. They look nice! The outside is almost done. Just need shutters put on. We also got another torpedo heater this morning. It ran a good part of the day. It was so humid from the moisture from the paint and it was so hot in there!! I had a little sick feeling spell. I think it was from the heat. But, we got alot accomplished today!! (Guess they needed a woman's help!!)

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