Thursday, November 6, 2008


Tried to get a close up.

Started to finish the drywall on Monday!
Front view!
These pictures are a little dark and grainy. I couldn't quite get the right setting on my camera. Monday they started to finish the drywall. It should be done by next Friday. They started the stone today. I'm a bit uneasy about it. It has more of a "stacked" look but even besides that it's alot darker than I thought it would be! I guess I need to see it in a better light. Plus the windows are covered in black stuff to keep the mortar off, so once that comes off it will be better. They are also supposed to be using a "whiter" mortar around the stone then to which we hope lightens it up.
Also the trim and baseboard that we have is DONE!!! Yeah! Dad S. finished in his basement this week. We still need to get the rest of the window jams and stair material to do yet. Then when we put the doors in I have to do those jams to. We also got the electricity turned on Monday. So David wired up a few outlets so they could plug in their torpedo heaters to dry the mud.
**Also, I hate to say it but McCain lost and Obama won. It was a sad, sad day to see that happen. I have to keep reminding myself, God has it under control!!! It upset me greatly, but we must go on!


Kara Plank said...

I didn't know you were doing stone. Looks great!

Joy said...

It's looking great, guys! You must be so excited! Yes, it is very reassuring to me to know that God is in control!