Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Color schemes...

More stone done.
Front view!
Close up!
Here was my project for the night. I called Sherwin Williams today and asked them to make me up the smallest size paint samples of the colors we picked out. We wanted to paint a large sample on some scrap drywall to really get the full effect of the color plus, they don't always look like the little color swatch. So I went to Mom and Dad S's basement to paint up my samples. Only the color ones. Their is also a Summer white and Greek Villa colors we are using but they are pretty close to white, so I just got the colors. They were still wet when I took this because I had just put on the second coat so, tomorrow I will take the pictures of the finished product and I'll get every one's opinions! I think it's a yes on all of them for us though!! They looked really good. They sure look different from whats in the can! They looked so light, but once it dried it was alot different! David and Dad S. worked on wiring up the septic system.
The drywall finisher was of course there today working. All I see that Jason did was some more stone work. It's looking better. It still needs to be finished and mortar around the stones! So, that's it, finished paint samples tomorrow!! :)

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