Friday, November 14, 2008

Phone Pics

Since I really didn't have to much to blog about so I thought I'd share some more cell phone pictures that we get from Jenn & Justin and Jay & Tonya. A couple of Evan are from September but, he's still cute not to share with you all!! :) Sorry the Evan pictures are sideways, when I saved them I had rotated them, but it didn't post that way. I'm not sure how to turn it around once it's on here! But here's a few pics of Evan and Tyler!! Enjoy!! We LOVE getting these! It brightens up our days!! =]
Evan helping Mommy do laundry!!
Evan in his Sunday clothes! This is a recent one of Evan...I'm thinking this is a "NO touch!!"
Tyler says "Oh my!!" =] Where did I park my John Deere??
Guy Smiley!!!
Love you guys, your to cute for words!!!


Kara Plank said...

LOVE these pictures! The boys are just doll babies!

Faithe said...

TOO CUTE!!! Jay and Tonya need to blog. But since they don't, I'm glad you share their pics with us. Looking forward to seeing the fam over Christmas!
How's the house coming? I assume since there haven't been more pictures, there isn't much happening. Keep hanging in'll make it. (Even if it is next summer!!!) Oh, I shouldn't have said'll be in Christmas (hopefully).

Noah and Heather said...

The boys are adorable!
Noah is in San Antonio, TX. It is only about 550 miles away. He gets back the weekend before Christmas. Yay!