Sunday, November 16, 2008

Drywall done, and mortar started!

The mortar got started it comes just below the top windows.
Close up, it's a bit off color. I'll explain below!!
Dining room into the living room shot.
Another garage shot.
Well, the drywall finisher is DONE!!! That means time to primer and paint which is our job. The finisher did a great job!! We are really happy with his work. Plus he cleaned up really well too!! David is only working on Monday, then off the rest of the week to primer and paint. I'm taking off on Thursday and Friday. Tomorrow Dad S. is going to be cleaning the walls to get ready to prime. Then Tuesday him and David will be priming all day. Then Wednesday painting ceilings. Then Thursday they will be cutting in along the ceiling/wall line with the color paint, as soon as they have 2 coats on of that then I can start rolling!! We are changing a few of the colors around that we originally chose. We are nixing the purple in the guest bathroom for sure. It will now be Irish creme. We're going to keep it neutral. Then Friday our friends Matt & Erin are coming to help paint. Matt has off work so they got a babysitter for Austin and are helping us out. Thank goodness!! Saturday it will be alot of people. It will be David, Me, his Dad, my brother-Jimmy, My Mom and Dad, and possibly Eli & April and don't know about Matt & Erin. So, we should be all done painting by next Sat.!! We hope!!
Then the flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms can go down so we can get the cabinets in, which is also our job. And we have to go pick out our lighting fixtures so David can install them. While he's doing that I can paint the interior doors and stain the inside of them also. Then once the baseboard goes on the carpet can be installed. The garage doors are to go up this week. That guy got hurt on another job site so,that had to be pushed back. The shutters can also soon go up once they are done with the mortar.
Now, for the mortar. We chose a off white color, because we thought it would help lighten it up. Because there is also black shutters going on. So, when we came last Friday evening to check it out, it was yellowish-tan!! So, David went to the place they got the mortar and they said it is supposed to look like that. As it cures it will turn the off white color we picked. It takes 28 days to fully cure. I didn't get any pictures Friday, but it was bad! But I took a couple today and it has lightened up a little bit, so hopefully it keeps going!! A couple of people said we should have used black mortar. As well as my Mom and Dad. I think no, the off white will lighten it up better. So, anyway alot going on this week!!

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Faithe said...

Sounds like it's really coming right along!!! You are indeed making progress. If you keep this up, you will be in by Christmas! YEAH!!