Friday, November 28, 2008


David, Jamie,(Cooper) and Mom.
My Dad.
Jimmy-apparently trying to sleep.
Tonya & Jesse.
Cooper, he needs a chill pill!!
Always has her tongue hanging out!
They fight/play every time they get together, it gets pretty rough at times!! This went on just about the whole time they were together that day. Cooper is an instigator.
A brief moment of quiet. innocent!!

Well, we had Thanksgiving at my Parents house again this year. Which isn't a bad thing, but we had been planning on having dinner at out new house this year. But, definitely next year!! And even though we're a bit disgusted and frustrated with this whole building process, we still have alot to be thankful for. (I could go on and on about the latest disasters we have been dealing with, but I'm not going to bore you!!) It was my Mom and Dad, Jamie, Tonya and her boyfriend Jesse, and Jimmy, and David and I. We had so much food! I forgot to take any pictures of us eating, but got some after shots! Tonya and I did the dishes, then we were all ready to take a nap. Later on then, Jamie's new boyfriend came over to meet everyone. His name is Rick. He's cute and seems really nice. I wanted to take his picture, but didn't want to make him feel like I was paparazzi after him!! But he seems nice, and he better be!! LOL! Then we came home and got changed to go work on the house. I totally didn't want to!! So we took over some supplies and David let me off the hook! So today, Dad S., David and I stained the remainder of the odds and ends of window jam and stair railing and spindles. We got it all stained and the 1st coat of poly on the jam material. I have to go get more poly and stain tomorrow. We need more stain for the interior door jams, then all the staining will be complete!! It can't be done soon enough for us!
Tomorrow a bunch of David's friends that he works with are coming to "device" as David calls it. It's to put all the fixtures we got and all the receptacles and switches in. Hopefully it can get all done in one day. I'll get some pictures of that. Plus all the fixtures we got at Lowe's the other night! We had an allowance for lighting, and we came in under budget, YEAH!! But our necks were hurting by the end of our 2 hour shopping spree. We got alot of nice stuff! I'll get some pictures of them once their up.
Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!

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