Sunday, November 23, 2008


Well, beside some touch up spots, we're done painting the walls and ceilings!! We still need to do all the doors, but the major work is done!! It was a long, hard week! We're actually looking forward to just going back to work! Still alot of work ahead of us, but we're getting there!!
Yesterday, my Mom and Dad, my brother Jimmy, Dad S., and my Pap and I worked yesterday. Mom S. provided us with a delicious lunch! (There is a picture below!) Thank you again to everyone that helped us!!!
The doors are supposed to start going in tomorrow, then on to trim. Tuesday David and I are going to pick out all of our lighting fixtures. Thanksgiving will be spent at My Mom and Dad's house, then more work to do. Friday we both have off and we certainly won't be out shopping! We will be working at the house!!
My Dad.
My brother, Jimmy.
David cutting in the yellow for my Mom.
My Mom.
I think she's blinded!! She needs some sunglasses in there!!
My Dad painting in the office/playroom.
Mom's finished project in the laundry & bathroom!!
Lunch has arrived!!
Nothing like a fresh, hot meal when your working and it's freezing outside!!
Mom S. setting up!
Beef bar-b-que, Calico beans, Potato salad, pumpkin cake, olives, pickles, and spiced cucumber rings, chips!! It was yummy!!!
David cutting in the closet.
My Dad painting the upstairs spare bedroom.
My Pap painting the upstairs spare bedroom.
My Pap.

Me and my Dad cleaning up rollers.
Us again. (Looks like I'm hiking up my pants!!) Ha Ha!!
I think Jimmy has had enough!! My sister Tonya and her boyfriend Jesse came, just to look, not to work...bums!!
They brought their puppy Cooper with them. He is wild!! I think he has A.D.D!!!
Looks innocent....
He trying to chew through his leash to get free!!
Good try Cooper!! Not gonna happen though!!

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