Sunday, August 31, 2008


Getting started!
David, Kevin and Dad S.
First little corner of shingles on!!!
He was so proud!
Snapping a chalk line!
Dad S. going to town!
Working together like a well oiled machine!
Close up shot.
End of day one.
Looks great!
They do fine work!!
Yesterday David, Dad S., and David's good friend from work, Kevin Shrawder got started at 6:30am on roofing. It started out really cloudy and overcast, an ended up hazy, hot and humid!! Needless to say they were sweaty wet! We tryed to keep drinks cold there for them. My Mom and Dad brought over my outdoor table over, so they could eat lunch. Mom S. made and brought over lunch for everyone. At 12:00pm David and I had to leave to go make final desicions on our cabinets and countertops for the kitchen and bathrooms. We were back within the hour and he went back to work. The three of them worked diligently for a long time. After awhile Dad S. came down and was hurting! He immediatly after coming down was cranking up his electrical impulses with his remote!! He ended up going home and getting a shower and taking some pain meds. David and Kevin kept on going, while I in the meantime went and got some more drinks ready and got my parents cooler and ice. When I got back they were still going strong!! The spot I had set up to watch had my table with some snacks on it, cooler underneath it, and 2 fold able Gander Mountain chairs there. (trying to set the scene!!) So, while it was so hot and humid and by now really sunny out, I laid back in my chair opened up an umbrella and tried to relax. I was the supervisor of course!! Ha Ha!! When the were finishing up I picked up the papers and burned them , and picked up the lumber they threw down. I got jabbed twice with stupid nails sticking out, but I'll live. And somehow I was the only one who ended up with a bad sunburn!! I even had an umbrella up some of that time!! But, it probably happened while it was overcast and didn't realize it. I looked like a lobster when we got home!! It's not as bad today now. But around 5:00pm they were done with the backside of the house, and it looks great!!! Tomorrow they will be starting really early again. It will be David, Dad S., Uncle Dave, and maybe Jason (David's cousin), and Kevin again if we need him. We really appreciate everything everyone is doing to help!!! We couldn't do it without them!!!!!! Tomorrow should go a bit faster not only because of more help, but now David has a little knack to it. He had a good time learning how to do it, and he was so proud!! We won't be able to do the front porch or garage and valley until later, they are not ready yet. But, the color turned out to be exactly what we wanted!! We're really pleased with it!! Another long day tomorrow, then Tuesday back to the grind!!

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