Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lookin' good!

David looks so proud! LOL!
The front door, from the inside. Still needs painted.
Oh boy, there goes David!
Oh my! This thing scares me! I can't believe he does this everyday!!
Allan, this is for you! Uncle David is really high up in the air!!! Yikes!
Sand mound is complete, I think.
The back.
Yesterday ended up being a rainy one, so we didn't accomplish anything other than getting the bucket truck there. David was able to borrow the bucket truck, a generator, and some harnesses from his work, Zimmermann's. That was really nice of them to do that for us. Just about all of the windows are in. All of the exterior doors are in the house. We have to paint all the exterior and interior doors, so they will actually be white. The sand mound is done, I think. There is not much of a hump there, which is nice. David, Dad S., and his friend from work, Kevin are over there right now starting to get things done. I slept in a bit! We are going at noon to go finalize our order for cabinets and counter tops so they can order them. More pictures to come!!! It's coming together nice!!

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Joy said...

Your house is looking so nice! Can't wait to see the finished product.