Tuesday, August 26, 2008


No pictures today! I had an appointment with Ray, the other GC tonight. We went over a few more minor things. Primer and paint. Trim, etc. They need us to pick out another siding because they can get it from another place in Ohio that has a lifetime warranty. They have a couple of "grays" to choose from, but not the exact one we had already picked. It's coming along, but not without some hiccups. Some things need fixed because of not being right. The garage windows are to high, the steps had the header in the wrong place, the guest/kids bathroom needs the doorway moved over, the sand mound was changed without permission, etc. You know typical building woes. Although the sand mound STILL does not make us happy. But, all in all I guess I can't complain TO much. It's just hard because your almost at their mercy.
I haven't been over since Saturday, but I guess the OSB board went on the roof today and the doors and windows are to be going in this week. I'm not really sure what else they will get done. Jason (the other GC) is going on a 2 week hunting trip next week. So I have no idea if any of his guys will be there working or not. That is supposed to be our time to get our things done. Who knows! David and I are beyond stressed out! Hopefully I'll get some updated pictures up soon! This weekend we are to be roofing...oh boy! You will NOT see me on there!! :)

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Kara Plank said...

The house is really taking shape now! Is there going to be an "open-house" when it's finished?! =)