Thursday, September 4, 2008

More work done!!

My command post. HA!!
Another hot roofin day!

Uncle Dave helping us out!
Dad S. fixing the windows!
Job completed.
Mom S. getting a ride in the bucket!
Dad S. also getting a ride! Well started.
Close to the house.
Started pulling wire.
David drilling holes for the wires.
Dad S. and David putting up more lumber.

More work has been done since Saturday. Uncle Dave came on Monday and helped us with the front of the house roof. He's fast! Before we knew it he was done! David kept him supplied with shingles and he nailed. He definitely knows what he's doing! We really appreciated him helping us!!!! Dad S. fixed the windows in the garage, as you can see they were way to high. He moved them down to line up with the top of the garage doors. Mom S. and I made them lunch and we ate at the "command post" under the shade. It's the only shade there is! The big tree is actually on the other property. It was pretty nice there, although I ended up with another sunburn on top of the one I got Saturday!
David and Dad S. finished the ridge vents yesterday on the house roof. They also started the wiring. The well driller also started yesterday. David just called and said they are done. They went 160 ft. deep and got 9 gallons per minute. Which I didn't think was very good, but I have no idea. He said that the pump can only pump 5 gallons per minute anyway, but I still don't think that's very good. Anyone know if that's good or not?? So, that's where we're at as of tonight!
Yesterday I had to make a bunch of mac and cheese for a work picnic for a guy named , Chris that's in the Army that's soon headed for Iraq. He made a little speech and he got a little choked up, the one of the owners of the company came out and spoke. He really had a great little speech. Very sad, and a tearjerker. His wife was there and you could tell she was about to cry. Her chin was quivering. It's just so awesome and sad all at the same time. Awesome that he's willing to go, and sad of the thought of leaving his wife and family, and work behind. Like the owner had told us, because of the kind of work we do, they were willing to write a letter saying that he needed to stay, and he could have got out of it, but he didn't want that, he wants to go serve with his brothers. He also emphasised how important our job is for people like Chris, that use the things that the circuit boards go in, and rely on them to work to keep them safe! It's so true!! It was really nice, and sad!! His last day is Friday. He'll be gone until NEXT October!! He says he'll stop in when he comes home briefly for Christmas. But that's quite a sacrifice. That's a very long time away!! God Bless our Military!!! SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!!!

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Kara Plank said...

The house is looking awesome. definitely know what Chris and his family is feeling. There is no greater feeling to know that you are involved with something much bigger than yourself though...