Friday, September 19, 2008

Pulling home runs

They spread liquid manure this evening in the fields across the street.
2nd floor steps.
And again.
David working hard!
Pulling "home runs" to the panel box.
The sliding glass door in the basement.
We even have a view from the basement door!!
Basement steps. We'll probably make a closet underneath it.
These are the double swing out doors for the back of the garage.
Everynight is so pretty out!
From dining room view.
Just another outside shot.
Well, David has been working on electrical all week except Thursday. He took a much needed night off. Tonight, since Dad S. was away, I was David's helper. We got ALOT done tonight! My Mom came over to do some cleaning up, but it was already done so she didn't have much to do except watch, until we made some messes with drilling! She went around with her broom and dustpan sweeping up the mess!! I also made supper and brought over. We drilled holes and David showed me how to tape the wires together to pull them up through. I was stationed in the basement at the panel box feeding it up to him and then cutting it off and marking what it was for. He calls this pulling "home runs." We got 10 pulled tonight. We worked until it was dark.
The neighbors that are also building beside us were over tonight, so we went over. David already had met the guy before, but I never did. Their names are Bill & Lila Nelson. They are probably in their 50's. Very nice people!!! YEAH!! Their son was with them, his name was Brian. He's 28 and graduated from Warrior Run in 1999 the same year as me. He won't be living there, but I thought that was nice. Maybe we can get to know him to. Our friends may know him. They went to school there and graduated in '99 to. We'll see. Small world! I'm glad they are our neighbors!!!
They also were spreading liquid manure tonight. All the fields around were being done. Oh my! It is a horrible stench! I asked David this is going to take some getting used to!! It's quite strong, and even as I sit here now I can smell it on our clothes!! It's like we rolled around in a barn!! It seems to seep into your skin! Yuck! When we move, I sure won't be hanging clothes out on days they spread!!
Tomorrow will bring finishing the electrical work. This next week they have so much to do! Moving the steps back, back filling, electrical inspection, insulation, start drywalling, start porch, start stone work, etc... The list goes on and on! David will soon be starting the siding also. I think I better start packing soon, before it gets ahead of me! If I put it off to long we'll be ready to move and we won't be packed yet! Toodles for now!!

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