Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Catchy New Name

I have had this blog for a few years and I think it's high time we changed the name to something more catchy! Especially now there are 3 of us, maybe we could come up with something better than "Slagenweit Adventures." Any ideas??? Help me out here!!


Kara Plank said...

What is something that defines things you like to do or something about yourself? Like are you a "country gal", or how about "And baby makes 3" .... etc.

Tonya said...

Hmmmm. "The Slagenweit Three". I am brain dead....but I will think on it! It would be fun to do something highlighting Kaylynn's red hair. (just cuz I think its so neat that she has red hair) haha. Love ya.

Tonya said...

I'm back...I keep thinking and thinking and nothing wonderful is coming:) But what about something like the Satisfied Slagenweit's and then the blog description underneath could be enjoying life with our little red head:) Told you I love that she is red headed. Okay I'm quitting:)