Saturday, August 20, 2011

Acid Relux....Ugh.

Kaylynn was diagnosed her first week with acid reflux. She was spitting up kinda bad when she would do it. So they said to sit her upright and burp more often. This seemed to really help...until this week. I wouldn't say she is spitting or throwing up more, but she has terrible tummy pain from it!! She started within drinking the 1st ounce of formula started to scream and cry, arch up her back and kick her little legs like crazy!! She also would not eat. You could tell she was hungry and wanted it, but it just was hurting her to badly. As this went on for 2 days I called the Doctor. He had me give her a bottle and within the 1st half ounce she did it! (thankfully, so he could see I wasn't nuts!) He immediately said "that's the reflux." So, he did do an xray of her belly, which turned out to be ok. He didn't think we need to change her formula. He said to burp her more, hold her off between feeding her each ounce. (yeah right!!) And we could do medicine, but it's not really approved for babies although they prescribe it for them. And the less medicine they take, the better. So, if we don't feel it's getting better, call and he'll give her the medicine. So, that was it!

When I came home I had talked with David and we had said if she continues to do that tonight into tomorrow, I'm calling for the prescription. Well, got home and when we tried to give her her next bottle, she did it. I just couldn't deal with it! My nerves are about shot!! So, I called and said "I WANT THAT PRESCRIPTION!!" So they said they would put it in as urgent to the Doc (she could clearly hear her screaming!) and they would call me back in 20 minutes. Well over an hour later they called and said he gave the script. They were closed but the nurse said they were there for another hour and she let me come get it! I ran it to CVS to be filled and we started giving it to her Wednesday night. It is liquid Prilosec. We HATE having to squirt it down her throat, but it does seemed to have helped!! Thankfully we only have to give it to her once a day!

So, also talked about changing her formula to something more sensitive. But, we are gonna give the medicine a chance to work, and to see if it does work before we change that too. If we would have changed both at the same time and it helped we wouldn't know WHAT helped, the Prilosec, or the formula. So, please pray that this stuff works!! We feel so bad that she is in pain when she eats!

~On a lighter note on Wednesday when she was there she weighs 11lbs even!!! Little chunky monkey! ;)

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