Saturday, August 20, 2011

Formula Deals

On Facebook someone started something called Central Pa Moms sell and swap. Someone close by here had advertised 4 cans of Gerber good Start Gentle formula for $8 a can! So, I asked if she would take $30 for all 4 cans and she said yes! So, I met up with her at CVS and got them! Then my sister's friend is also selling 8 cans for $5 a can!! But....since she had a rough week with reflux I am reluctant to buy these. (Acid Relux coming in another post!) I told the girl we would like to giver her medicine a couple days to see if it works in case we also need to switch formulas! I don't wanna end up with all these cans and would have to turn around and me have to sell them! She is waiting on us to give her an answer. PLUS, I visited with Sheri Vincent yesterday and her daughter Shelby also gave me 2 cans! Needless to say we have found some real formula bargains!!

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