Monday, August 8, 2011

Our Little Girl

Here are yet some more pictures of Kaylynn. Hopefully this gives the Aunts, Uncles and friends and other family that don't get to see her a chance to see her a little bit. We are still adjusting to having her here, but it's getting there. She does pretty good at night, MOST OF THE TIME. Some nights she just won't go to sleep and just keeps screaming, it's very hard on us. Especially for David since he is the one working right now. I know even though I am tired to, it'll only be worse those nights for me too when I go back to work. Poor David though. :( I feel bad. And I have lost 40 pounds since I had her!! Pretty good considering I had only gained 1 1/2 pounds being pregnant with her. Now, alot of that was due to me not eating much the first few weeks because of the post pardom. And my Mom said about cutting out the soda, or I would put it back on. So, I have been trying to only drink 1 soda a day, or none at all. I have stuck to that for over a week now so far! We are Mt. Dew freaks! So, hopefully I can keep it up!! I wanna lose more! David is very proud of me! ;)

She is getting so big. I will be curious to see what she weighs on Friday at her Doctor's appt. When she is awake she is so alert. She watches her mobile in her swing. She is starting to smile a little when she's awake also, not just when she's sleeping and dreaming. Her eyes are turning more blue, so hopefully she keeps the blue eyes! She does not like her arms covered up. If we cover her, or swaddle her she will always find a way to get her arms out.

I have been cautiously starting sleeping her on her tummy at night. So far, she is still in our room in the pack n play. I keep telling David we're gonna move her to her room and slept in her crib, but I just can't do it yet. But, I know they tell you NOT to sleep them on their tummies, but she sleeps so much better! She doesn't startle herself and wake herself up that way. I may just invest in something called an Angelcare Monitor. It's a little expensive, but I think it may give me piece of mind to put her in her room. It senses her breathing/movement and will sound an alarm on the monitors if she stops breathing for 20 seconds! I just really wonder if it works, and if it does I may be able to sleep a little better once she goes to her room. Anyone ever heard of these or used these? Does it work?? I am very curious!
Great Gram Poust says she's going to be a thinker. She sleeps like this alot.
Chewing on her monkey ear. :)
Kaylynn and I.


Tonya said...

Keep the pictures coming:) She is ADORABLE! You look great, April. That is a wonderful accomplishment!!

Kara Plank said...

Everyone will try to tell you the "Best" way to do everything, but her sleeping on her belly is not a crime! :) Great job on the weight loss! I know from experience that having the PCOS retains a lot of weight and losing it after the first baby is much easier for some reason...almost like your body lets the PCOS go into "remission" or something! yay. I am so happy for you, and I know you are a great mommy! I too had terrible post-partum with Sadie, and it's so wonderful that you can admit it and learn how to find your new normal. It does get easier, I promise! :)