Thursday, September 1, 2011

Formula Woes

Kaylynn has always been a "fussy" baby. They say acid reflux and colic kinda go hand in hand somewhat. Although then Prilosec has helped with her feeding, something else is going on. She seems more fussy, seems to me like she always has a tummy ache - hence some of the crying also, and spitting up and throwing up alot. As I researched yesterday after she threw up probably her entire 4 oz bottle, seems to me she may be lactose intolerant. Her are some of the "symptoms" she has from the list : Fussy, gassy, spitting up/throwing up, eczema, rash on her face (which I thought was baby acne, but then it would turn very dry like the eczema) and very foul smelling dirty diapers. And the dirty diapers it was getting more and more watery and yellow (and seedy) and mucusy. Stringy like. SORRY FOR THE DESCRIPTION OF THE DIRTY DIAPERS!! And she had a dirty one this morning after 4 bottles of Similac it already looks more "normal", what it looked like for a long time.

My Gram and Jenn seemed to think (along with alot of people I questioned on FB said change the formula) we should switch formulas. Also a girl I know that works in the maternity ward at Williamsport Hospital said reflux and a milk allergy or something along those lines are totally different, sounded like we needed a formula change also. When I asked the Doctor 2 weeks ago he didn't think we needed to and we didn't want to change that AND start the medicine too. So, we waited. And after talking to my Gram and Jenn yesterday they convinced me to make the switch. Since we got free samples of different kinds in the mail we are switching to Similac Sensitive for fussiness an gas and lactose sensitivity. Jenn said it only has 20% of the lactose in it compared to other formula. When we mix it it is super foamy!! From what I've read online that is normal. It's so foamy you can barely see the markers to see what she ate! So, we started last night and so she's had about 4 bottles of it so far so we are PRAYING we were right and this will help her!!

Another thing I've noticed the past few nights including last night, is although she seems somewhat asleep she is moving, grunting, fussing, coughing and doesn't seem to be in a very deep sleep. She just started this. We put her down at around 9-10om and she goes through the night without feeding, so not sure why she is doing this. The coughing I think is the reflux because it sounds like she has like a wet burp, then she coughs. I told David we may need to raise the one end of her crib.

But anyhow, keep her in your prayers. I feel so bad for her. I never know if I am doing the right thing. I question everything. I especially feel guilty because I didn't check with her Doctor first. And I hope she doesn't get sick off of it or anything! :/ Thanks!


Kara Plank said...

I also used Similac Sensitive for Clayton and Sadie when they were fussy, and it really did seem to help.

Tonya said...

We used Similac Sensitive for Zach too and it made a big difference. It is really foamy, and hard to see the markers! Praying this does the trick for Kaylynn!!

PS You are doing a great job. Kaylynn is so blessed to have you as her Mommy!