Monday, February 16, 2009

This ~ n ~ that

FIREPROOF, a must see movie! It is a testiment to what a Godly marriage should be. Really shows how God wants us to treat each other, especially in a marriage. It is highly recommended!! If you want to borrow it, let me know!!
My best friend since the 6th grade, Hailey, got married on Valentine's day in NYC on the 61st floor of the Empire State Building. She entered to win this as a prize on after Barth asked her to marry him, on top the same place! Well, she found out they were one of the 14 couples chosen to get married there! Of course I was leary, I thought it was a scam, but apparently not! Although we were not able to go due to financial reasons, we were able to watch it online live while it took place. So I was glad for that!! They are still going ahead with the wedding in July, which I am one of the Matrons of honor. They even made the front page of the local newspaper here!! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Carson!!!!!
My Christmas cactus that has only bloomed once since I've had it, but lo and behold it's blooming again!! Guess I'm getting a green thumb!!
David doesn't want to be "nosy neighbors" but, look what's going up across the street at the barn!! A silo!! Ooooo...Ahhhh! Hopefully, when the barn is full of hefers the neighbors that live in the old farmhouse decide to pack up and go....Uh oh, did I just say that outloud??? Woops!! If you only knew, and it's not even summer yet!!!

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Allana Martian said...

We LOVED the movie! I recommend it, too!

A christmas cactus is supposed to bloom at Christmas. Apparently yours is confused!

It has been so windy, here, too! But my mailbox is safe and sound. :-)