Thursday, February 12, 2009

Muddy mess

Well, after our tropical heat wave the past few days most of the snow has melted away and left us with a muddy mess! We can hardly wait to have grass and a yard! When David goes out to burn the papers he brings in about 3 pounds of mud on his boots! Ha!! Today it's actually so windy our mailbox blew over! It sounded like the house was going to take flight!! It's stacked up cinder blocks and a post down through into the ground, a temporary thing by the way, and it was on the ground this morning. Although, our mailman still delivered our mail!! He would have had to get out and traipse through the mud to put it in the box! What a good mailman!!
Our peak wind gust today of 52 miles per hour ( it was just on the news!) It's to die down tonight as it is to get colder again now. :( But at least nothing else blew off or away!!
Out front.
Out back.
ALSO!! I am having a Pampered Chef party on March 12th. If anyone's interested in coming, or just ordering out of the catalog let me know!!

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