Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Get - together

Last night we met up with some friends for dinner and a "tour" of our house. Amber and Brayden came up from Bellfonte . We went to dinner with Amber, Brayden, Mel, Deonna, Jose, Dee, Dan, Josh, David and I. Then they all came over to our house. Dee was finally able to come check things out. It was really nice to see her. She didn't get to stay long because she works 3rd shift, but glad she could come. We just hung out then until about 10:00pm (way past my bedtime!) when everyone left. :( It was fun to get together and talk about "old times" again. We met Mel's boyfriend, Jose, for the first time. He seems very nice and really seems to care for Mel and Deonna alot! He's a very hands on Daddy. It was nice to finally meet him. ~Also, Deonna is 5 months old and now weighs 12lbs!!! She bumped up a size and is now in 0-3 month clothes! She is really cute! She's so tiny yet! It was nice to see everyone. I wish our schedules worked out that we could do it more often!!
Amber and Brayden.
He just wanted to keep going up there!
Excuse me? What do you think your doing?
Jose with a sleeping Deonna.
Brayden playing with David.
Woooo! Wave that terrible towel!! We'll make him a Steelers fan yet!! (Amber is a Patriots fan!)
Two handed!!!! I think Josh wanted in the pic!
Deonna taking a snooze.
Now she's awake!
The girls! April, Amber, Mel.
Josh and Amber.
Brayden pushing lots of buttons!

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Kara Plank said...

These pictures are so good. I was so thrilled to see Mel & Deonna at church Sunday. Deonna is so beautiful! We were at your in-laws Friday night, and I was so tempted to ring the door bell at your place when we left (almost midnight!) lol