Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow day! Odds ~n~ ends

Looking out back.
Out front.
Out back. I'm not sure how much snow we got so far, but I know it's changed to alot of sleet and freezing rain today. The snowplows are just now getting out and trying to clear things.
Curtains up in the living room. Only problem is after we got them up I didn't think they looked like they did in the picture when I ordered them. Turns out there was 2 valances shown together on one window in the picture, so I ordered them, so I will show them again once their here and we get them up. They already have shipped, but we haven't got them yet. But I think the go nice with the other colors in here.
Living room.
Laundry room now is fully functional! David hooked up the new dryer and it works awesome!

The plant my new neighbor behind us, Mark & Marianne Krommes and their kids had this peace lily sent to us to welcome us to the neighborhood! That was so nice!!

The other Sunday Matt, Erin and Austin came over to watch the Steelers game and I finally gave Austin his Christmas present.
A piggy bank!! He is so big! He's only 4 months old and weighs over 18 lbs!! He's a brute!!

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Maria said...

Your house looks so good. Is it worth all the months of frustration? I don't think I want to go through that anytime soon :)