Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Day

Tyler (actually was Christmas eve night.)
Look at that face!! So happy!!
Stephen, always all smiles too!
~~We started the morning at David's parents house where all his siblings and their families were all home. They all live out of state. It was the first time in quite a long time that they actually celebrated Christmas on Christmas day. We came over in the morning and Dad S. read out of the Bible and then we all opened gifts. Then we ate a big brunch.
Passing out the gifts. Evan looks stuck in there!!
Jenn holding Evan, and David.
Jay, Tonya and Tyler. Tonya's checking out her super duper reindeer pooper!! Ha!!
Jenn, Evan and Justin. Evan really wanted no part of opening gifts.
Mom and Dad S.
Evan has the bows!!
Jenn, Evan and Justin.
Tyler in his new PSU hat! Go Penn State!!
Tyler was totally into opening gifts!!
Jay giving Evan a big 'ole hug!
Everyone having fun!
Mom holding up her new bird book. It's really neat!
One of the personalized piggy banks we got all the boys.
Allan putting his money in his new bank.
Daniel getting in on the action.
David helping Daniel put his money in his bank.
There he goes.
A close upof Evan's bank. They were all different for each nephew.
Some of the aftermath.
Off to my Gram & Pap's house. We went to my Gram's then for dinner at 1:00pm. All my Aunt's and their families always come on Christmas day. We all brought a covered dish this year to help out my Gram, it turned out well. It was nice to see everyone, we all live close, except Aunt Gina and Wes, but we still don't see each other very much. We should make more time for that!! Family is important.
Braylon. (Notice my Mom's eyeball in the right hand corner?? LOL!! I didn't notice that until now!!)
My cousin Wesley, his son Braylon and his fiance, Sharie.
Tonya and Braylon, already asleep.
Rick (A.K.A Rickers) and Jamie.
Wes and his big Hess truck. My Gram gets all the grandson's Hess trucks every year.
My cousin Josh, Aunt Shell, Aunt Rise, Tonya & Braylon and Janelle.
Jamie and Rick.
My Pap and cute!!!
Back to David's Mom's!!! Then a little later in the evening, we went back for supper. Aunt Faith and Uncle John and Joel and April and the girls came!! We got to catch up and gave a couple of tours of our house. It was nice to see them!! I just love those guys!! We always like spending time with them. We've spent alot of weekends with Joel and April!! We have a good time together!
David holding Stephen.
Like I said, all smiles.
Jayna and Joel. April and Joel. I think this is a good picture of them!!
Me holding Stephen.
He's such a good baby.
A girl can dream can't she???
Daniel eating Jesus's birthday cake.
Daniel giving me a big "cheese"!! HA!! I think Daniel is hilarious!! One of his favorite sayings is "no way!!" Cracked me up!!
After dinner chatting.
April and Kaylee.
Then we went home to Montgomery for the last time. We moved the next day!!!!!
**Lots more to come!! I have family pictures yet and then maybe Sat. when we get even a little more cleaned up around here, I'll post some pictures of the house. We've officially lived here 2 weeks tomorrow!!

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Faithe said...

FINALLY!!! I've been checking every day to see if you've posted pictures yet. I'm so anxious to see the "finished product!" It looked great before the furniture and finishing touches, but I'm sure it will look even better after they're in. Enjoyed your Christmas day pics!! FAMILY IS THE BEST!!!!!