Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This and That

 Stephen (3) holding Kaylynn (1)  Either he's small or she's big, not sure which!
 Hey, I wanna play too!
 Kaylynn having her first ear of corn on the cob from Grandpa Slagenweit's garden.
 Someone loves it!!
 I can do it myself Mom!
 The cake Aunt Marianne made for Bryce and Kaylynn's July birthday's. (Glad she got her name right. Hee, hee!!)
 Singing Happy Birthday to them. (Outfit change due to a diaper explosion...corn?? Maybe!)

 Bryce wanted to hold her.
 Snuggling with Daddy.
Figured out you can actually REMOVE the items in the cupboard. :)

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