Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kaylynn Turns 1

Last Sat we had Kaylynn's 1st birthday party.  It was very hot so we tried to have it in our garage with a/c's and fans running.  We wanted to have it outside originally.  But it was cooler than outside, but still pretty warm in there!  Next year it can be in our finished basement.  She had fun, alot of people came and she got lots of goodies. 
 Her smash cake.
 There's the birthday girl!
 My niece Brooke and Kaylynn.
 Guests eating pizza.

 So cute!
 Ummm....what do I do with this Mom?
 Hmmm....not to sure about this.
 Here Daddy, you have some!
 Okay, I don't like this!

 Opening gifts.

 My nephew Julian. He is so cute!!
 The next morning playing on her new activity table Aunt Jamie got her.

I don't know why Blogger acted up, but this was her cake.  She had a good turnout and we had lots of fun! Thanks to everyone who came and for all her gifts!!

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