Monday, July 9, 2012

New Hair!

Thursday I finally went and did something about my hair.  After having Kaylynn alot had fallen out and what was left was like dry hay.  So got hi-lights and chopped off! It feels so healthy now! It's a bit blonder than I wanted, but to late now!

Funny little story....I think the blonde seeped into my brain.  We tried a role reversal Friday night. I was going to go mow and he'd play with Kaylynn.  So he went out and did a few loops around the yard to get me started and at 5:50pm I went out.  After I slathered sunblock all over me since I am super white! I went up and down, up and down, up and down ohhhh, not sure how many times.  I thought am I nuts?? Shouldn't I be farther along??  Why does it feel like I'm not getting anywhere??  Shouldn't I have gone past that tree by now??   I thought I was losing it! About that time I get to the back of the yard and I went to back up and start back to the front, something made me look down.....I HAD NEVER TURNED THE MOWER DECK ON!!!!! LOL!!!  I started back up shaking my head thinking oh no! I hope none of the neighbors saw me! As I am coming closer to the house appears David and Kaylynn...David with quite a stunned look on his face..I stopped and told him to open the door.  He said why are you still there??  It's been a HALF HOUR IT'S 6:20pm!!!! I HAD GONE UP AND DOWN THE SAME PATH FOR A HALF HOUR!!!! No wonder I wasn't getting anywhere!! Oh we are still getting a good laugh outta this!! I am blonde!!!

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