Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Miller Reunion 2012

Miller Reunion 2012.  Another family Reunion of the Miller clan.  This time it was at Uncle Dave's.  It was nice to see everyone again.  Met Melanie for the first time.  It was hot and humid, but bearable.  It was also very obvious to everyone a huge part of the reunion was missing.  One of the people who always loved it the most, Mom.  It was very hard for everyone to bear the the loss of not having her here.  But she would have most definitely wanted us to get together.  NO doubt in my mind she would have wanted it to. Can't wait til the next one!!

 Some of the crew.
 Uncle Steve getting a bug out of the pool for Stephen.
 Uncle David (Slagenweit) had to show the boys how to use a slip and slide.
 Volleyball and horseshoes going on.
 Aunt MaryLou and Kaylynn.
 Uncle Steve giving Stephen a ride.
 Messy face.
 Lounging on my chair, drinking a bottle.
 Grandma Miller and 7 of her living children.
 Kaylynn and Daddy.
 Uncle Steve and Kaylynn.
 The cousins.
 The "Outlaws" I mean the Inlaws.
Opeing a bday gift.

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