Thursday, November 24, 2011

Crash- Bang- Boom!

Last Thursday I had just gotten home from a VERY BAD day at work. David was over at his Dad's. I wasn't home but 5-10 mins when I heard this loud crashing sound, or some gunshots going off and it was coming from the garage! I called David to come home because I was scared. I said someone or something was in the garage! He then asked who all was over there. I said, just Kaylynn and I!!! He said, well there is a black car in our turnaround. I looked and there was NO ONE there!! So I called back and said ok, your really freaking me out, I looked and there is no one there! So he said, I am telling you someone is there I am LOOKING at the car right now! So, needless to say I was scared outta my wits! SO when he got home and I slowly opened the door into the garage he said, I found the car, well I instantly saw what happened.
The neighbor's colbalt's emergency brake doesn't work and it rolled dow the hill, over our fairly new-planted pine tree and into our garage!! And they had no idea either!! You could see them going about there business in their kitchen. David had to go knock on the door and tell them. So, I wasn't nuts!! It did quite a bit of damage. There is a huge hole in it too. We heard from her insurance, we are waiting to have someone come and appraise/ascess the damage. Thankful it wasn't the house, but still! UGH.
Busted up.

The hole.

Dented the whole side of it.

See the tire tracks? Ran right over the tree!

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