Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kaylynn Renee, 2 weeks old (Tons of Pics)

Here are a ton of pictures from the past 2 weeks. Enjoy!!
Pappy R. seeing her for the 1st time.
Jay, Tonya and the boys surprised us with a visit!!
Uncle Jonathan.
Daddy's favorite onsie. :)
Grandma S. feeding her on Sunday.
Daddy holding her after a bath.
Caught her doing this when David was trying to burp her!
Erin and Austin came over one day to visit!
Our little country girl!
Aunt Tonya.
Marianne suprised us and showed up for the weekend!
Close up! Bright eyes!
This is what she did when David got her undressed and asked if she was ready to go get a bath!! LOL!!!
Grammie R.
Grammie R. put her bonnet on.
Pappy S. and Aunt Marianne loving her up.
Grandma S.
In her swing.
A gift from a girl at work. It's canvas. This will go in her nursery. I though it was really cute.
Great Grandma Miller came to visit.
Aunt MaryLou came too! She loves her red hair!
Finally caught a smile while she dreams.
Can you see the red tint in her hair?? Strawberry blonde maybe??

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