Wednesday, March 23, 2011

4D ultrasound pictures

On Monday we had our 4D ultrasound. It was really neat. She definitely looks like David. At least she has his nose and upper lip. She kept her hands moving up by her mouth and was trying to suck her hand and her thumb. Didn't look like she had it quite figured out yet. These are a little blurry because they are pics of the u/s pics. We also got a 15 min DVD which shows her moving around. We got to take people along to watch, so we brought my Mom, his Mom, and both of my sisters. He also double confirmed that she is definitely a girl!! These are just some of the pics.
See, David's nose and upper lip!!
Little smile with her finger up by her nose. (The nose looks cut off because she was pressed up against the uterine wall.)

Hand by her mouth.
Hand under her chin. He also said her cheeks are getting a little chubby already too.
Profile with her hands under her chin.

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