Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hydronephrosis, oh my.

Yesterday I ended up having pretty bad pain on the right side of my back. As the day progressed, the worse it felt. I took Tylenol as soon as I got off work and got to my car. When I got home I tried to lay down, it wasn't helping. I called Jenn, David's sister that's a nurse to get her opinion, she said go to the ER because it sounded like kidney infection. So, I called the on call nurse and they kinda thought the same thing so she told me to go to the ER also. So, we did. We went to Geisinger ER, we went back fairly quickly. They did a urine test, blood work then took me for an ultrasound of my kidneys. It seemed like it took forever! But it ended up being this hydronephrosis. Fluid around my kidney and it's slightly enlarged all due to being pregnant. They sent me on my way with percoset. So I took one right away.

Well, we ate then went to bed. Well, needless to say all the percoset did was make me sick and ended up getting sick all night, bad!! The pain was so bad I never slept a wink. No matter what I did or how I tried, it hurt! So I called off work and called my OB Doc and told them what's going on so I'm waiting for them to call me back. I took more Tylenol and it seems to be helping right now. Praying this doesn't happen again! :(

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