Saturday, March 19, 2011

Baby gear

Well, things are slowly coming together. A few weeks ago Marianne, Philip and the boys came in for a week and they brought in the crib, mattress, and changing table with them. And she even put them together for us!! So these are just pics of them put up in the nursery. Nothing has been done up there yet. We did order the bedding and should be here Tuesday, then we can pick the paint color. I will get pics of the bedding once it comes. We did register at Target and Wal-mart last Sat. also. So, here are some pics of the baby gear we have.
Changing table and crib.
Just picked up the baskets for the changing table. I love them!!
Close up.
Chest of drawers (with some of the things we got for Christmas ontop)
Diaper bag we bought ourselves. (I am picky about stuff like this, so we bought our own.) =)
Close up of top design.
The bottom is brown. It's not showing well in this pic.
The outfit we bought now that we know it's a girl. Can't really see here, but they are little hearts. It's hard to hold back from buying alot. Everything is so cute. She is gonna be so spoiled by everyone as it is!! :)
A swing we bought back when we first found out we were pregnant off my sister's friend. It was a great deal!! It's a Little Lamb Swing.

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