Thursday, August 12, 2010

Overdue Update!!

Well folks, since I had trouble the last time uploading pictures I really haven't tried it again. I do not have time to try uploading a bunch of pics tonight either so it will have to wait until maybe Sunday. In the meantime, Jenn, Justin, Evan & Bryce came up for 2 weeks for the Miller Reunion. So that also meant that all the Millers made their way to Pennsylvania. They come from all over. Uncle Roger is from Arizona, Uncle Steve from Oklahoma, Aunt Carol from Florida, and Aunt Faye also from Florida. Aunt Mary Lou, Uncle Jeff & Uncle Dave all live here in good ole PA. It was a GREAT time! It was at David's Mom's house due to her medical conditions right now. Pics will come soon for that too!!
Jonathan & Tonya (David's brother) welcomed their second baby boy Zachary Thomas on July 26th in the morning! He is healthy and a good little baby so I am told. Can't wait to get our hands on him!! That makes nephew #7 for us! And as for us, we are still waiting on some things to come together. Really, it's whenever God feels it's time. So, until then we wait.
Besides that really not a whole lot going on . David and I both are working overtime. Him about 5 hours a week, me about 18+ a week. So needless to say I am rather tired. I really want to plan a short vacation October-time to maybe the Finger Lakes in NY. I'd like to do it when the Fall foliage is at it's peak, but still not sure what to do about it yet. We don't go on vacations the only one we have had it was to Florida for Jay & Tonya's wedding 3+ years ago. We never go away, I work all the time and on the weekends. So, I think it is time we just get away for a few days. Any suggestions or ideas for a short vacation trip let me know!! Pics to come later! Sorry!

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