Sunday, August 15, 2010

Joel & the girls visit

Finally got these to upload! Joel and his girls stayed with us over the fourth of July. We went to a new place here called Hoopla's. It's a restaurant and game place for kids, and now they have mini golf too. We also did fireworks that night for them. Sunday we made brunch and later that afternoon they went back home. We had a good time with them. Joel is David's cousin and they have always been pretty close. They are about the same age, so like I said they have always been close. We used to see him and stay with him all the time, but with both our busy schedules we haven't been able to see them for like almost 2 years!! Crazy! When we were used to staying with them at least twice a year! We had a nice long talk with Joel after the kids went to bed. I think he really needed it. He needed to get alot of things out, since he's going through alot right now. I LOVE long, late night chats! Their the best! Can't wait to see them again soon!
Jayna & Kaylee.
Jayna & I.
David and Kaylee playing skiball.
She was obessed with shooting games and she would not leave this one alone!
She actually did get a stuffed animal outta here!
Air hockey.
The "big kids" had to try it.
Again with the shooting game... ha!
Racing one more time!
Sunday morning, I had curled their hair and put clips in it!
Kaylee & Jayna.
Helping David make brunch. They had also helped me make the pancake batter.
I wanna help!!!!! LOL
Time to eat!
Kaylee ate so well!! She out-ate Jayna!
Having ice pops before they left.
Kaylee, Jayna and I.
Joel, Kaylee, Jayna & David.

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