Sunday, August 15, 2010

Miller Reunion 2010

Here are the pics of the Miller Reunion 2010. It was at David's parents house. Now, for some reason I have a ton more pics from that day plus more of Jenn & Justin's visit, but they will not upload onto my computer. I can view them, but it won't upload. I even tried to delete some old pics on my memory card, but still won't work. Any ideas?? I have alot more I could add to these!! Thanks!! We ate like crazy, talked, played lots of games this year, and just plain had a good time! We had old pictures of each other as babies and we had to guess who was who and it was REALLY hard!! It was alot of fun though!! Uncle Tommy & Janelle won that game. We had a family trivia game, tug of war, water balloon toss, and nail driving contest. Everyone came in from all over it was so nice they could do that!! I also met Ryan, Sunday & Eden for the first time! I've been with David almost 11 years and had never met his cousin Ryan, and he was able to make it in! His daughter Eden is soooooo cute! We were able to spend time with cousins of his that we don't see very often. Can't wait until the next one in 2012!!!
Making bbq chicken.
Hanging out. It was rather hot and humid, but not unbearable.
Aunt Elizabeth, Aunt Mary Lou, Aunt Faye setting up the food table.
Hope blowing bubbles with Evan.
Brent holding Bryce, Becca, Janelle talking to Grandma Miller.
Bryce. (Jenn's youngest son)
Ready for me to feed him!
Ryan, Sunday & Eden.
Uncle Dave, Mom (Bonnie) and Uncle Jeff.
Justin (Jenn's husband) holding Evan, and Uncle Steve.
Aunt Faye and Jenn at the food table making room for more.
My hubby David. (Our house is the one you can see in the backround by his neck! That's how close we live to them, for those that have yet to see it in person yet!) :)
Guessing who's who.
I was totally confused by some! They all looked alike!
Grandma Miller and Janelle.
That's all that will upload. Can anyone tell me what to do to get the rest on the computer??

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