Sunday, August 15, 2010

Miller Reunion More pics.....

Okay, for some reason after trying countless times I was able to upload the remaining pics of the reunion! (See Miller reunion 2010 post below) I have no idea what I did differently, but it worked! So here are the rest of the pics!!
Aunt Miram and Mom making 3 different kinds of mix for home made ice cream. Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.
Seeing who's taller. Andrew or Aunt Faye.
Grandma Miller, Aunt Carol and Mom. (Bonnie)
Ryan and Eden.
Standing- Uncle Dave and Aunt Faye. Sitting L to R is- Uncle Roger, Aunt Mary Lou, Grandma, Mom (Bonnie), Uncle Steve, Aunt Carol, and Uncle Jeff.
1 more for good measure!
David and I with Evan and Bryce. Everything revolved around "Uncle David" the whole time they were here! It was so cute!
Jeanette, Jessi, Janelle, Briann and Andrew.
The ladies end of tug of war.
tug of war.
Janelle and Bryce.
The men's side of tug of war.
Watching the games.
The 2 Dave's doing tug of war. My "Dave" did not win. :(

Bryce wants to play tug of war.
Grandma, Mom, Evan and Bryce.
Aunt Faye trying to be a stuntman.
Nail driving contest.

He is so cute!
Evan playing with his Cars. He LOVES the movie Cars.
Playing with Uncle David downstairs.
Love their matching outfits!! (Save their clothes for me Jenn, maybe someday we'll have some boys!) ;)
Playing around.
Climbing on David. Ha, ha!
Last night here. :(
Bryce is always all smiles!!!
The boys playing!

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