Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

~~Let me start off by saying that my cousin Josh is still in a very serious condition at the trauma unit at Geisinger. He was in a vehicle accident early Christmas morning. Turns out it's not as good as we thought. He is very broken, broken bones and punctured lungs and such,bad and painful...but fixable. He also has a brain injury. This is what is the most serious part. Right now it's a waiting game to see with the Neurologist what they can do. It's been described almost like he has shaken baby syndrome. So PLEASE I ask again to keep him in your prayers. Please add him to your prayer chain. He is still in a very serious state, and he needs God in a very bad way! We originally thought he was doing better, but he's no better, no worse. And a nurse explained the true situation today with the family. He said he has a very long recovery ahead, and what to expect and what not to expect. So we are all asking to remember him and our family during this time. Thank you, and I will keep things updated on here.~~

Christmas was at David and I's house this year. It was very somber since Josh's accident that morning. And we were missing 10 people, but understandably so. So we tried to make the best of it. We ended up having 14 all together. It was good food and good time spent together. Praying that next year EVERYONE will be able to be here and celebrate together!! I consider Josh to be our Christmas miracle this year. Although this is a horrible ordeal, God held him in his arms and kept him here with us for a reason!! So Thank you God, not only for your son's birth, but for Josh's life!!
A couple presents under the tree.
I got David an ipod shuffle. (we don't know how to use it, hee, hee)
Everyone gathering.
My Dad.
Jamie & David.
Mom, Jamie and Rick.
Me & my shark steam mop! I love it! It really works!!!
Jesse, Tonya, Dad, and Mom.
Jimmy & Nicole opening gifts for Brooke. (My brother's soon to be baby)
Jamie & Rick.
Jesse, Tonya, Dad, and Mom.
David with his new civil war book.
Mom & Jimmy.
Mom, Jimmy and Dad.
Gram & Dad.
Pap hanging out in the kitchen.
Dad helping Gram.
Nicole, Jimmy and Tonya.
Dale & Pap by all the food!!
Time to eat!
Mom and Gram.

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