Sunday, December 20, 2009


Well, here are the pictures from Thanksgiving!! After being sick and all I'm finally getting these on here! The whole family was in for Thanksgiving this year so David & I were able to take off work. With the holiday and the days we took off it ended up being a total of 10 days!! It was wonderful!! It was nice to have off and just be able to be home!! Well, here are ALOT of pictures from them coming in!! Enjoy!!
David folding napkins.
Setting up for dinner. I think it ended up being somewhere around 30 people.
Tonya, David and Jenn setting up and decorating.
Tyler in the new wagon.
David and Bryce.
He's so smiley!!
Jenn, Tonya and I cutting up bread for stuffing!
Evan getting a hair cut by Jay.
I love this picture! Evan trying to pull David in the wagon!
Bryce and I. (I took this :} )
Mom S. wearing Grandma Slagenweit's apron on Thanksgiving. She wanted to wear an apron so I let her borrow mine. :)
Jay, Daniel and Allan.
Tyler and Jay.
The swingset was a hit!
Playing football after dinner. (Which David and a few others were sore for days after!) And Kelly was the only girl out there playing!
Evan and Bryce at our house. They stayed with us for 4 days!!
Philip and Marianne and their boys picked out there tree and took it back to Ohio with them!!

David with our tree he cut down.
Us at the tree farm freezing!!
I think we're all done here! We were froze!
Justin and Evan. Poor guys are from Florida they aren't used to this weather!
Stephen in the exersaucer and Tyler.
Philip, Marianne and the boys setting up for breakfast for dinner!!
We had a take out pizza night! Mmmmm....
Jenn & Evan.
Some of the boys. Evan was not having any of this. I don't have any pictures of him in the wagon.
Allan holding Bryce. Tyler, Stephen and Daniel.
Pulling the boys around the yard.
I don't know who loved this more the kids or Dad S. :)
Jay & David playing PS2 with Evan beside them. Justin is on the computer while poor Bryce is in the backround just rolling around. HA!

David & Evan playing cars.
So cute!!
Tyler bundling up to go outside!
Evan, David and Allan.
Stephen and Tyler banging on the basement doors. :)

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