Friday, December 25, 2009

Follow up prayer request

As of this evening here is what I know. He is still in the trauma untit at Geisinger. He had emergency surgery on his arm. His pelvis, arm and leg are broken. Both lungs are punctured, 1 broken rib, brain bruising and cuts and scrapes of course. He is really heavily medicated right now. He can hear you and he shrugs his shoulders and moves his hand when you talk to him. It is gonna be a very long road to recovery but PRAISE GOD he is gonna be ok!!!! Thank you to all for your thoughts and prayers. I ask that you please keep them coming!! But tonight we are very thankful for not only Jesus' birth on this day, but thankful that he is keeping Josh in his arms! Thank you!!


Joy said...

Don't know him personally, but joining with you in prayer for a speedy recovery and that God will speak to him about his soul. God answers prayer!

David & April said...

He's my cousin. I think only like 19 or 20 yrs old. God is gonna take care of him!! He has been making slight progress, so I'll keep this updated!