Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our home.

Well, here is a few new pics I took of the house. I can wait until it has a yard and landscaping. It will make it look so much better. I won't post all the rest of the pictures I took though. I had to take pictures of the stuff that isn't up to par that they left either unfinished, or just plain didn't do it correctly. We are about at our wits end yet with them. They say that we still owe them some money over and above what the loan paid for!!! Forget it!! Not when all these things were left the way they are, not to mention throughout the building process!! Right now, just to start off the bat, we have to have it excavated AGAIN!! They already had 2 different ones in here to do it and yet it's still not done right. And they didn't put enough stones on the driveway, and they didn't finish driving the nails in the trim around all of the outside of the doors, and one they told us they cracked and it would be replaced...well it's still got a HUGE crack in it, and left huge dump truck ruts in our front yard, and they didn't run the water going to daylight outback. We actually have water coming back at the basement from 3 different ways!! We have white mortar coloring running down in the front, and the hump out front that we told the time and time again that had to go-is still there!! This is just to name a few!! Don't even get me started on the inside.
It is unbelievable that you pay this much money for a house and have all these things left at your expense to fix when it should have been done right to start with!!!!!!!! He has sent us a letter now saying since we haven't paid he's adding finance charges!! WHAT??? Are you kidding?? And he's been calling David and saying he wants his money. Well you know what?? I want the shoddy work that they started here done to!! So there!! Everytime the doorbell rings I think oh he here? He is certainly not welcome on our property, and you know what? I just want this whole thing to be done and over with, but at the same time why should we pay him anymore money?? He has already ripped us off so much money it isn't funny!! So I feel like we should fight it, but at the same time I just want it to go away!!! We don't know what to do, we are just beside ourselves about the whole thing. Alot of the time I could just about cry over what all they have done to us. Sure it's a beautiful house inside and out, but of course we see all the the stuff that's wrong all over and burns us up to no end!! I just want to live here in peace and we haven't had that since we've even moved in. If anything, they owe us money!!
We had our own excavator come and access what needs to be done to fix their mistakes and he's to get us a price. And we'll need more stones for the driveway. And we're pricing topsoil, and then the grass planting, the outside doors and trim need painted, so we are going to be very busy for a long time!! And like I said that's just the outside stuff!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! We just don't know what to do about this whole thing. If anyone has ANY advice, please let me know!!!! I know tomorrow I'm calling and filing a complaint with the better business bureau, other than I have no clue. And if anyone is interested in seeing the pics, I'll post them. Again I say- PLEASE NEVER BUILD WITH SUSQUEHANNA BUILDERS or JASON HARRIS MASONRY AND CONSTRUCTION!!!!!!! I wouldn't even let them build someone a dog house let alone someone's home!!!
Thanks!! I needed to vent I guess!!!

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Allana Martian said...

How discouraging! I would be venting, as well! What's with all the shoddy work companies do nowadays? You would think with the economy the way it is, people would be doing their best so as to get MORE work! I have no advice to give you since we have never built a home, but I'll help you pray that things get resolved properly!