Saturday, March 14, 2009

Grass seed

We went today all over creation to price grass seed. Wow! There are alot of different types, blends, etc. We went to Clark's Ag Center, Bern-He, Allen's True Value, Knittle and Frey, and Lowes. We wrote down all the ones we thought were good for us and kept track of all the prices and blends. (We comparison shop) But, we're still a little clueless as to what we need, or should plant! All we know is we want nice, healthy, green grass that grows! We need to get it firgured out because we'll need to plant here before long. I need alot of ideas for landscaping to, but we need to get the yard started first. So if anyone has any input, let me know! Anyone willing to help pick up rocks before we plant let us know!! There are ALOT of rocks here!! We'll have to rent a rock hound to pick up the majority of them! =] Soon gonna be alot more work to do here soon!! Oh the joys of being a homeowner!! We're so used to being lazy and letting the landlord worry about this kind of stuff. But, it'll be nice to know we did it ourselves!!

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