Monday, March 16, 2009

Matt, Erin and Austin pay a visit!

Do you think he would look at me? No!
And he would smile AFTER I would take the picture!!
Looking at his leg up. What is it??
I put him in the crawl position. He cried!!
David on the floor playing.

Don't know why this picture is off to the side, but anyway, I got Austin to sleep, but Matt decided to take a nap to!! ha!!
Matt, Erin and Austin came over last night to visit. We love getting together with them! Austin is getting so big! He is 6 months old and he's grabbing at things and will be crawling soon! He had a little bellyache so they gave him some medicine and I got him to go right to sleep! Happens everytime he comes over. It's so cute! Thanks for coming over!!

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Erin said...

You are welcome! We love hanging out with you guys too!