Monday, December 3, 2012

The Trumpet's are Sounding in Heaven Again!

Heaven gained another Angel yesterday. This was one of my oldest, best friends Steph Hecknauer's status about her husband Chris on Facebook today.
 ~ On Sunday, Chris was declared cancer free. Our prayers may have not been answered like we were hoping, but our faith in God makes this a joyous time. He WON his battle! The only thing that died yesterday was the cancer. Chris is alive and rejoicing in Heaven.... I love you babe. See ya later. 
What an amazing couple. An amazing love and bond they had with each other. Faith in God that was unwavering through the last 7 years of all they have been through. True example of love, compassion and christian living. They will never know how they both have impacted my life by their example!! Although they hurting and their hearts are breaking, I know they are rejoicing too!  Chris was also an only child. SO I know this is very hard on his parents too.. Praying for them all to have Jesus wrap his loving arms around them!! Love you all!!!

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