Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Little Peek of Our Christmas

I only picked a few pictures.  I took a ton!  This Christmas to me was more special than ever.  The older I ge,t and the things that happen throughout the years, the more special I find family time to be.  They let my Mom out of the hospital Christmas Eve, so she was able to be here.  Also spending alot with David's family that are all in from out of state.   Both Christmases were fun and glad to be able to be all together.  Here are just a few pictures.
 Such a ham.
 Mr. and Mrs. Claus stopped by. (her babysitter and her husband)
 Bryce got Kaylynn a babydoll. :)
 Look what I found!!
 I'm a country girl! Gotta have my John Deere!
 Grammy got me a bike!!
 Brooke got one too!!
 Daddy taking me for a spin!
 Uncle Jimmy got me a giant Minnie Mouse!
 Dad and Mom.
 Aunt Tonya reading to the girls.
 Hugs for Julian on Christmas day!
 Opening gifts.
This is one of my favorite pics.
Mom and Dad.
 Everyone eating!
 Mom's blanket that my sister got her. Made at Walmart photo center! All the grandkids pictures.  (She cried on this one) It turned out really nice.
 Julian is Great Pap's boy!
 Your ice cream cake is good Uncle Jimmy!
 Brooke and I. (I toook this) :)
Julian just loves Pap!

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