Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mom's Back in the Hosptial

Please pray for my Mom as she is admitted back into the hospital.  Right now she is here local at Williamsport.  Sat night she started with the fevers and throwing up.  It's now Tuesday and it's still happening.  They changed up her anti nausea meds, but they aren't helping it.  Her fever was 100.2 when I was there tonight.  I just feel so bad for her!!  I personally (clearly I am no expert) think it's her chemo side effects.  She's ok for about a week, week and a half the BOOM! Fevers and throwing up.  This happened the last time, but then got the flu and her PIC line had an infection.  I hope she feels better in the next few days.  I know she wants to be home for Christmas more than anything! Prayer Warriors, I need you! Thanks!!

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