Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our Biggie Girl

The box my brother made her for Christmas. I now have a place to keep her headbands.
The shirt my sister Tonya got her for Christmas. The pants would not go over her chubby legs, so she had to wear these instead.
Her new sneakers to get around in. SO CUTE!!
Scootin in her walker.
After her nap. Seems her hair looks like this all the time! LOL.
Sitting up on her own!
Eating sall kinds of new foods!
Messy Marvin.
Sorry it's sideways. This is me when I was 6 months old. She looks like me more than I thought.
Playing with Aunt Jamie's toy she got her.
When she sits up on her own somehow she always gets herself like this!
Blurry, but 2 bottom teeth in.
She loves her V-tech bunny.
Playing with Daddy.
She is doing so many new things!! She is eating all sorts of new foods. Hasn't really had one she doesn't like yet! She loves them all! She finally cut 2 bottom front teeth and cutting more. She has had ear infections 2 times due to her teething. She currently has a double ear infection right now and on an antibiotic for it. She gets up on her knees and hands and rocks. It won't be long til she's crawling. She laughs and giggles. She does this screech owl thing too. It's a high pitch squeal/screech laugh thing. It's funny. Just coming right along!
She was 6 months old on Dad's birthday on the 12th. They pushed her shots back a week due to being on the antibiotic. They cut all my overtime right now at work. Good, but not good. We are still very busy in my dept. but mgmt feels they are not getting enough return on their money with all the OT being worked. So, it's nice in one way because I'm not so tired and feel like a normal human being for once. Not to mention you can actually make plans for the weekend!! BUT, when I am used to making so much more money working OT now back to 40 hours is a huge difference!! And we are about to be taking on some more expenses. I'm not trying to complain, just worried about it. I keep praying that the Lord help us and direct us in our spending/savings differently. We need a change! We just upgraded our stupid cell phones and they require the Internet which we don't need, especially when I have Internet at home! So, that bill will be going up. We are buying his Mom's Blazer off his Dad, another expense for 4 years. David's car is about to go kaput and the garage has it now to look over and possibly buy. (Hope they do!!) It just keeps getting ahead of us and I am very scared about it. David left a message with our bank about trying to see about refinancing again. PRAYING it all works out. If you think of it, could you slip in a prayer about it for us? Thanks. So, that's out lives in a nutshell right now!

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