Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Latest Happenings

Don't get to excited. There is not that much to report. LOL. Kaylynn is doing alot of new things the past few days. Funny to see the wheels turning. She says Da, da, da. Can really get around in the excersaucer. Before she would stretch to reach her toys, now she can turn the seat around. Holds her mouth wide open and hollers but it is hilarious. And is really taking to a small little blankie held up to her face while she sucks her thumb. I also think she'll be walking before crawling. She likes to be standing on the floor all the time.

We did get a decent amount of snow last Sat., although I got pics on my phone and not my camera. I think we got about 4 to 5''. Really the first snow we've had. Glad for that. Also glad that it came down on a Sat I didn't have to work! ;)

Just trying to keep plugging along. The only thing that ever is new usually is what new thing Kaylynn has learned.
Standing on the side of the jumperoo.
My sister Tonya (ready to pop!) They are telling her he is approx 9 lbs already! They may induce her soon, otherwise her due date isn't until Feb 7th!!! Yowza!
Kaylynn and Tonya's dog Cooper.
My sister Jamie and Kaylynn.
Sitting up on her own. Maybe her "wing" is helping her sit there. LOL!! Her hair is always sticking up! It is getting longer. Some wisps go over her ears now.

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