Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This and that

Here are some pictures from the latest happenings around here. Not to much besides SNOW! Seems to be all the time too!
Last Saturday's snow.
David running the snowblower for the first time this year.

My new shelf that David hung up for me!!

Living room.
David finally put the hardware on our cabinets!!! It really makes it look different!!
Now to get the crown molding up on top of the cabinets!! We already have that too, just got to get it up!
Close up.
Snow that was blowing and drifting on Sunday.
It drifts across the road the whole length of our propery. Township loves that I'm sure.
Blows right across diagonally our front yard onto the road!
The new wrought iron cross that David hung up above our bed. It's needs something else there too, but I really like it!
HA!! Austin loves to put people's shoes on so I put my boots on him and he was trying to walk around in them. It was hilarious!!! Poor kid and the things we do for our entertainment!! :)
He couldn't get up!! HA, HA!
Superbowl party. Matt, Erin, Reecca and Austin. They were dancing to the halftime show.
April, Eli and David watching the Superbowl.
Becca and Austin.
They were so cute dancing around!
What Mom?? HA, HA!
Today's snow! I stayed home. David went to work. :( But at least he's only working at the shop since the roads are bad.
Snow, it's all it ever does! Guess that Groundhog was right. :/

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Maria said...

So jealous of your snow =( We have had more here this year than others, but not nearly as much as you all. Love the pics of your house, hair, etc... =)