Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dinner at our home! =)

After this past week with Mom S's spell she had, we decided that we would go ahead and invite them over to our home for dinner. Although David and I have been together for over 10 years now, we could not remember a time when we have had them over for dinner before. We thought it would help her out so she didn't have to deal with that this week. She still needs your prayers, as they still are unsure what is causing the racing heart. She has Doctor appointments and testing this week. So, hopefully she gets some answers so they can get it under control. So, we had them over today and I was a bit nervous! I really shouldn't have been seeing as though I have known them and been around them for years, but the fact knowing that it's my in laws and what if I burn something, or something doesn't turn out, what will I do?? She is such a good cook, I would have been mortified!
Well, turns out it all went fine!! David grilled some New York strip steaks (he grilled a ham slice for me), we had baked potatoes, corn, beef rice, (thanks Tonya, used your recipe!!) and rolls. It was all good and it was nice to have them over for a change. I hope it lessened the load for even just a day for her. Guess we should do that more often!!
Besides that not to much going on yet. I am working overtime again for a short period of time. David is heading up another Church project in Shamokin at his work. He is just ending a Church in Elysburg that he was also in charge of running. I am having a baby shower here at my house for my brother's girlfriend, Nicole in March,( they are having a girl, Brooke Nicole!!) I am having a Silpada jewelry party here in April, so, we will soon be busy again!!
Once Spring rolls around in the next few weeks hopefully there will be more to blog about. We have big plans for this Spring/Summer. To get the basement pretty well finished, plant a vegetable garden, and landscape. So, that's all for now folks!!
Us last Sunday before Church.

Mom and Dad S. before dinner today.



Marianne Brown said...

April, Thanks so much for doing this for mom. I wish I were closer and could help her out but it always makes me so thankful when I hear other people are taking good care of her. BTW: you'll have to pass on your rice recipe! Love you guys! Marianne

Maria said...

Looks like it was yummy :) I can't think of a time I had my in-laws over either...I probably should =) Please tell them we are praying for her!

Faithe said...

Looks absolutely YUMMY!!! Makes me hungry. SO glad you did that for them -- I know they appreciated it!
BTW: Your house is beautiful!

David & April said...

Thanks everyone! I will sure pass on the messages! It went well. Like I said I was a little nervous, but my food turned out so it was okay! I need to do it more often! Marianne the rice recipe is from Tonya, and is is sooo good! It's; 1 stick of butter, 1 cup of long grain dry rice, 1 can beef broth, 1 can French onion soup. Put all together in baking dish and bake at 350 for 1 hour uncovered. Yummy!